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Why Choose a Quality Bandsaw Mill?
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Wood Chuck Bandmill Decks Quality sawmills are made in a 35,000 sq. ft. factory with 6 overhead cranes, full machine shop, automatic saws, and jigs that are specially built so that every mill is the same as the one before it.
Four Post Bandmill Head We believe there is no stronger way to build a mill than using a full frame with a 4 post head. This system will prevent problems over the long haul. We also use chrome rods with oilite bushings to maintain close fit with freedom of movement.
Bandmill Engine We have the biggest selection of power sources in the business!!
Gas, diesel, electric, 5 to 40 hp. Honda, Briggs, Kohler, Kawasaki, Lambardini, Kubota.
V_groove Wheels for Band Mill Head We use solid steel V-groove wheels with greaseable bearing. They have a built-in relief angle that will allow the carriage to move easily down the track and give the operator a good feel for the cut and resistance. This will prevent running dull bands that can degrade the lumber, cause band guides to wear out faster, and reduce the number of times a band can be sharpened.
Squaring Pins for Bandsaw Deck

All Quality sawmills have squaring pins that are operated by one handle, and can be raised to any height needed. This saves time and increases your production.

Band Guides We manufacture our own band guides to our specifications. We don't use universal guides. Our guides have a bearing to hold the band when cutting hard, and carboloy shoes to hold it straight. We support the top and the bottom of the band for unbeatable accuracy and less band fatigue.
Grizzly 30 Portable Bandmill All base prices quoted are for bandmills that include the trailer package with tail lights (except the Wood Chuck and sectional models).
Board Miser Bandmill set on Ground All Quality trailer mounted mills can be lowered to the ground by pulling four bolts and removing the axle, for easy log loading.
Sectional Board Miser Bandmill Quality makes full frame mills that are ready to roll, or, for long distance shipping, we make sectional mills that can include as many eight foot frame sections as you will require.

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Quality Bandsaw Mills are made in America
Manufactured at
727 Broad St
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Quality Bandsaw Mills are made in America
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