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Check out our Woodchuck Portable Sawmill! Prices Start at $5249

Custom Bandmills
This fully automatic mill with a 25 hp electric engine is currently cutting up to 700 Board Feet per hour!

Our line of bandmills is made to cover the spectrum from mid-size low priced mills (Woodchuck), to heavy duty fully hydraulic production mills (Grizzly 36).

If you have special needs, our ability to produce a quality product at an affordable price could be just what you are waiting for!

Special orders don't upset us!

We stock sectionals to allow easier shipping, or adding to an existing mill. Sections come in 8 foot lengths. (We have made mills to 64 feet long!)

How about a 50 inch cut? (We have made mills to cut 60 inches wide!)
Or 30 inch band wheels with extra heavy duty band guides on our Grizzly 36 model?
We can, and have, made multiple head gang saws.
If you don't like our stock engine, what brand do you want? Are you interested in a water cooled diesel engine?
We can upgrade most engines at cost.

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Quality Bandsaw Mills are made in America
Manufactured at
727 Broad St
Utica, NY 13501
Quality Bandsaw Mills are made in America
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